About Doll-lite and me

Doll-Lite is an online Doll Magazine, mostly focusing on the Asian Ball Jointed variety (originally called Super Dollfies when I started collecting them). We will be sharing interviews from customizers, designers, and collectors, as well as a variety of updates and articles on the subject.

If you need to know what the heck a Super Dollfie is or what Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (ABJD) are, basically they are resin dolls made in Asia that are strung and fully customizable. There are tons of forums and online groups that discuss these great dolls. I would suggest check out any or all of my many links to look at many of the lovely little things yourself.

Always looking for writers and articles. If you have something you’d like to share (a how to article, an interview, feedback, anything), please send it on to me. My contact info is below.

I welcome feedback of all kinds, from what can be improved to guest writers and photographers. Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas, articles or whatever comes to mind. Looking forward to a fun blogg spot for everyone! We will be doing a lot of interviews, so if you have an idea or suggestion for someone, feel free to let me know. Always open to suggestions!

Need RSS feed or subscriptions, we have them! Check them out on our main blogging page.

About me: I’ve been involved with these dolls for over five years, but collecting dolls since I was a kid (and I’m not about to out myself age-wise here). My collection includes: Barbie, Takara dolls, Licca and just a ton of odds and ends. I’ve written for all the major magazines as well as my photography being published within the covers of Haute Doll, Doll Reader, FDQ and Dolls Magazine.

Contact me here at mneumark at hotmail dot com. Always welcome people!



  1. Hi! I’ve been poking around your blog and just wanted to say that I love it!

  2. Howdy! I’m a fellow DOA’er and just spent some time looking around this amazing blog about doll news and etc. I’m definitely subscribing to this.

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