Posted by: dollpaparazzi | May 20, 2012

Owner Spotlite: Stella Di Carta Part II

Describe your perfect client. Do you like to get a lot of direction, or just be given a general mood, or do you like to see visual examples?
Usually I like to have about the doll, the name, the background and the style. Then I listen to the owner’s ideas and together we can create the Make Up. I like people that know what they want 😀 ! If they have at least an idea about the complete doll, it will be very easy to realize it! Otherwise, if they want 100000 different things, it will be very difficult to satisfy them, because they don’t even know what they want XD !!!

Of all the face-ups/customizations you’ve done, do any stand out to you in particular? Howso?
My Choa Twins, I am working on them. They are a creation for my Tattoo Studio!

Do you paint/alter other types of dolls, and if so, how does that compare with working on BJDs? If you do other types of art (drawing, painting, etc) does that influence your faceup style?
I aint every type of dolls, I also like to draw and paint… and tattoos 🙂 ! I have a Tattoo Studio in Genova (Italy) with my husband.

Have you ever refused a commission? Why? Or if not, can you think of a circumstance where you might?
I might refuse a commission if the feedback of the client is really bad.

Is there something that is still difficult for you to do? What is the most difficult?
Findind MSC in Italy!!!

How important is customer feedback to your creative process?
A lot! It helps people to know more about my work! And, of course it helps me feeling great 😀 !

Is there a mold, doll, or company that you prefer to work on?
Notdoll, Fairyland, Alchemic laboratory Unoa, CocoTribe are some of my favorite!

Do you prefer working on male or female dolls? Why?
I like female dolls because I like sweet faces long eyelashes.

What is your background? Have you had any special schooling (art school, sculpture, painting, etc)?
Nope, I’ve always loved to draw, but I’ve learned about all by myself.

When you were a child did you ever work on dolls or create with similar things?
Yes, on my Barbie Dolls!

Do you have any other interests that might have helped you in your development of customizing ABJD (like customizing other dolls, action figures, etc)? Please tell us about them.
I try to customize everything I can get my hands on XD !

Do you have any other interests? Collections?
I like reading, movies, shoes XD ! I was into Manga and Anime, but know I don’t have time for them, I have my little collection of “classics” and I am happy with it (JoJo, VideoGirl Ai, Bakuretsu Hunter…) ! And body art of course 🙂 !

What factors do you consider before giving a doll its make-up so it will have the expression you want?
Nothing, it may sounds strange but I just start working, sometime without a particular idea, and the Make Up just “arrive” to me ^___^ !

Are there any painting techniques that can make a face look more masculine or feminine?
I think it is all about the style. Like longer lashes for female dolls, lighter blush for males etc.some info

How long does it usually take to do a face-up (or custom alteration job)?
Sometimes months, sometimes just days 🙂 !

Can you offer any helpful hints to the amateur face-up artists? Can you recommend a list of supplies including colors, paints & pastels etc?
You have to try. Materials, styles, colours… you have to find YOUR materials, feel the connection with them!

Do you have a favorite medium you like to work with when not creating for BJDs in your spare time?
I like to draw, with a pencil, that’s all ^__^ !

How long have you been doing face-ups/customizing BJDs?
Since 2003.

What is your biggest inspiration for your face-ups and customizations?
Real Make Up ❤ ! I am a Make Up Artist too!

Do you have any tips you’d like to share for people that want to learn how to do what you do or just want to improve? Something that’s helped you a lot or something that you think is important to know when doing a successful customization/face-up?
Buy only resin-friendly materials!!! And if you are not sure about something, DO NOT USE IT! PS. Do not try nail polish or pens!!!

Thanks Stella Di Carta for the interview! I appreciate it.


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