Posted by: dollpaparazzi | May 14, 2012

Owner Spotlite: Stella Di Carta

Your name: Stella Di Carta
Your Legal Name: Cristina Martinelli
Your Website:

How did you get involved in Super Dollfies and customizing them?
I was a great “J-Rock” fan, one day I saw a Mana OOAK and I loved it sooo much XD I did some researches and I found the amazing BJD world!

What do you do best?
I like Smokey eyes and natural lips!

What Inspires You?
Everything ❤ ! I am always having so many ideas for my Make Up ^__^ I just don’t have enough dolls to realize them all… for now 😀 !

What do you want people to think when they look at your Customizations?
That they are not just “painted resin dolls”, but they are made with love. I put a little of me inside every doll ❤ !

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?
Get better! An artist always has something to learn!

What sorts of things do you enjoy the most about your designs/customizations?
I like to help my customers with the creation of their “dream doll” ! I am always so happy too see the pictures of the complete doll!!!

Other than yourself, who are your favorite doll customizers?
Illness Illusion, Morbidollz, Sdink, Rabiruna and Esthy!

What’s the Best thing about customizing your own dolls?
I really can give them a “soul” ❤ !

What’s the most difficult thing about doing customizations (your mods, face-ups, tats, etc) and altering them?
Having too much ideas XD ! I would like to have tons of heads to realize all of them!

What type of dolls do you enjoy customizing (male/female/brands)?

I like dolls with pouty lips, and I am a huge fan on Fairyland and Notdoll!

What is your favorite style to create?
Dark/Goth with smokey eyes! And I really like face-tattoos!

Who would you love to collaborate with?
There are a lot of people I would like to collaborate with, but I think I would choose someone with a complete different style, to see what we can do together 😀 !

Why choose doll customizing as a form of Self Expression?
Because you can really create anything you want ❤ !

How long does it take from start to finish on a typical doll to create and complete?
At least a month 🙂 !

How do you like to work best with a custom order for a client? With total freedom to create your vision, or do you like some feedback/interchange with a client who might have an idea or theme they would like to see realized?
I like to “work” with my clients! I help them with the realization of the Make Up, with pics, advices, drawings and every info they need! But I always ask “for a little space” for my art, I have my own style and I need to put it in every Make Up I do.

What have been your favorite projects you’ve done thus far?
My doll Athena (MNF LUKA) is one of my favorite, I’ve done her Make Up for a DOA Contest! I like a lot my CocoTribe Ricci! I am actually working on my Choa Twins, and I really love them ❤ !!! Also, a Lusion doll from a friend XD she is sooo big ❤ !!!

What sets your doll customizations apart from all the others?
I am a perfectionist, everything must be clean and without imperfections XD and, as I said before, I always put “my soul” in my works!

Are there any sort of projects you’ve been hoping to work on but just haven’t gotten around to it?
A lot. I would love to paint an “artist self made” doll!

What was the most challenging thing you have ever done thus far?
Soom parts Blush XD they are HUGE!!!!!!!!!!

How has your style evolved over time, and where do you see it going in the future?
A lot, everyday I have the possibility to learn something new!
In the future? I will continue to learn a lot ❤ !

Interview continues next time…


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