Posted by: dollpaparazzi | February 7, 2012

Customizer Spotlite: Pinktezka

Your name: Pinktezka
Your Legal Name: Lana
Your Website:

How did you get involved in Super Dollfies and customizing them?
I was born in Soviet Union, end even thou I had a very happy childhood, with loving parents, my family couldn’t afford fancy imported toys. There was so much pretty dolls I wanted and couldn’t have! I guess unfulfilled dreams lead me to desire them, even after I grown up. I first found out about BJD dolls when I was customising Blythe and Hujoo’s, I fell in love with them because of amazing detail and endless possibilities.

What do you do best?
I really enjoy painting lips, and I think that’s what I do best. I guess im strongest at natural face ups.

What Inspires You?
Its maybe sounds weird, but the beast souse of my inspiration is my dreams. I often have vivid, colourful dreams, and after I woke up, I always want to paint. And when I see poor damaged doll, I just have to fix it, I have a extreme need to make it beautiful again. It sounds cheesy, but even dolls deserve to be loved.

What do you want people to think when they look at your Customizations?
I want people to enjoy seeing my work.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?
I have big plans, involving scar mods. Hopefully, I will be able to buy a full doll for this purpose, and customise her from head to toe. Also I would love to buy a airbrush kit. I love how bright and clean airbrushed face ups look.

What sorts of things do you enjoy the most about your designs/customizations?
I enjoy the most, being in control.

Other than yourself, who are your favorite doll customizers?
There is so many amazing artists out there.. I really love Sweetly Twisted and Ticuk work

What’s the Best thing about customizing your own dolls?
The best think is being able to be fully in control, and being able to create something perfect for myself

What’s the most difficult thing about doing customizations (your mods, face-ups, tats, etc) and altering them?
Hardest think for me is doing mods on a tanned resin. Its proved to be difficult for me to paint a head if its really not to my taste.

What type of dolls do you enjoy customizing (male/female/brands)?
I don’t really have preference by gender, but I do have favorite brands to paint. my best experience so far involved Iplehouse and Soom monthly dolls

What is your favorite style to create?
I love fantasy, and natural style

Who would you love to collaborate with?
I would love to collaborate with an experienced artists, I’m sure I could learn a load from them. also I would love to create an old wind up style doll together with ATsuri, she creates such a beautiful dresses

Why choose doll customizing as a form of Self Expression?
Because I love painting and I love dolls. they make me happy

How long does it take from start to finish on a typical doll to create and complete?
It usually takes me up to two weeks to complete a face up. But I did take much longer customising my own dolls or when there is a loads of modifications involved.

How do you like to work best with a custom order for a client? With total freedom to create your vision, or do you like some feedback/interchange with a client who might have an idea or theme they would like to see realized?
Actually I really like to hear what kind of ideas my client have

What have been your favorite projects you’ve done thus far?
Soom Monthly dolls was extremely easy and enjoyable to paint.

What sets your doll customizations apart from all the others?
To be honest I don’t really know, but my clients often tell me that they love how I paint child dolls. That’s they look natural and fresh.

What was the most challenging thing you have ever done thus far?
I guess it was wen I received extremely damaged head, with stains, scratches and holes.

How has your style evolved over time, and where do you see it going in the future?
Lately I was doing a loads of darker stile face ups, but I still enjoy painting natural face ups more. In a future I would love to do some really bright colored funky face ups

Describe your perfect client. Do you like to get a lot of direction, or just be given a general mood, or do you like to see visual examples?
I like to see a visual examples also I like my client to understand that I have other life commitment’s and other clients at the same time,so even thou I enjoy to have a nice chat with client, it does put me a little bit on age to receive “Are you none yet?” message every day. But I have to say, I was quite lucky this far, all of my clients was lovely to work with.

Of all the face-ups/customizations you’ve done, do any stand out to you in particular? How so?
If I would have to name one it would be Soom Nor, I was so lucky to paint him, owner had some a really interesting ideas

Interview will continue in a bit… see you then!


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