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Owner-Collector Spotlite: Iron Dog

Online Name: Iron Dog (fanfic), 2metaldog (LJ) & ID Locke (original author name)
How can people Contact you:
Website:For doll stuff/fanfiction: For original fiction:
Any other ways to get a hold of you or see your work: Original work that is published is available for purchase from Torquere Press:

How long have you been into BJDs?
A little over 2 years. I bought my first doll, Moswen (AoD Chi, tan), in October of 2008 and that was the beginning of my slide down the slippery slope into full-blown doll ownership. I had admired friend’s dolls for about a year previous to my buying my own, but I was content at that time to gaze at the pretty from afar.

Who/What got you started?
Random clicking through doll sites to look at the lovelies (which I really do know better than to do now, but still wind up doing). No doll ever screamed at me to buy them until I saw Moswen. As soon as I saw him, I knew he was Moswen (from my Balancing Karma novel). I hemmed and hawed but kept going back to stare at him for weeks. I never thought I’d actually buy him, but the Hubby saw how enrapt I was and insisted I buy him (even though he thinks BJD’s are creepy as hell and will eventually strangle him in his sleep). When I came back from Ycon, I had money left over and it was just enough to buy him. So I did.

Tell us about yourself and your writing (and books).
I’ve been married for 20+ years, have a son and a new grandson. I love cats and currently share space with a hard of hearing white cat named Kizmet. I read all the time and love all different kinds of music (except country). I enjoy a variety of anime and like to knit, sew and do beadwork. I’m a senior draftsman working in architecture and structural engineering and I write gay erotica when I’m not doing all that other stuff. I also really love my dolls and still can’t quite figure out how my plan for only two dolls morphed into a collection of ten dolls with at least three more definite dolls planned, another six on the maybe list and two more on the never-going-to-happen-but-it-would-be-so-cool list. I’ve also resigned myself to the knowledge that these lists will likely grow.

As for writing, it would be fair to say that’s my other passion and my dolls are tightly tied into that. While I am shocked at my growing collection, I am fortunate in that I only buy dolls that are characters from my stories so it does narrow the field of what I bring home. Not all my characters demand to be shelled either, thank goodness, or I’d have to rent a second apartment and possibly develop a shady type of second income to afford all of them.

I write both fanfic and original fiction and I am a published author through Torquere Press. Fanfic covers a multitude of fandoms with the ones I play most in Saiyuki, Bleach, Weiss and Ai no Kusabi. I have moved away somewhat from fanfic over the last year or so to go back to my first love… original writing.

I tend towards sci-fi/fantasy and paranormal works as that’s what I read growing up. That and I really love creating worlds and species and languages. I also tend to be an epic writer with some stories hitting the 150K to 200K mark (and not yet completed). My stories are not for the under eighteen set though as they are graphic in language, violence and sexual content. I try to make the stories as real as possible as I believe that gives my readers a better story. Research can be a heck of a lot of fun.

Did the writing come before the dolls?
I’ve always written. The dolls were a happy bonus for me and something that I’d never thought about until I discovered BJD’s. Having a physical representation of the characters I write seems to urge me on to write more. I’ve also found that it’s just as much fun to take a blank sculpt that reminds me of one of my characters and make that doll into what I see in my head.

What inspires you with your writing and your dollery?
Just about anything can inspire a story for me. A fragment of a dream. An off-hand comment from a friend. The lyrics in a song. Sometimes a character will just form in my mind and demand to have their story told. The finding of the doll to be a certain character… that’s either an intensely frustrating task or something where I see a doll and just know who he is. When I do find the right doll though, I get rather obsessed about bringing him home. I’m lucky that the Hubby just sighs, rolls his eyes and goes back to his video games mumbling about my growing resin army that will take over the world when we’re not looking.

How many dolls do you have?
I have 10 dolls and 1 floating head from eight different companies.

Who are your favorite customizers?
Hands down, Angel Toast. To date, she has painted 5 of my dolls and she’ll be painting Sarojin as soon as I can snag a spot. I love her work and she somehow manages to capture exactly what I want with minimal information/direction from me. I have another future doll purchase that will need to have the elf ears modded into human ears and I’m such a freak for details that I’ve already emailed her with pics of the sculpt and asked if she could do it (she said yes, she could).

The only reason she hasn’t painted all of them is that child Haniel was a custom face-up when I bought him off the MarketPlace on Den of Angels and I loved it. Kijika was painted by AmyAngel (DoA) and she did an awesome job and exactly what I wanted. Jolen still has the default face-up from RS (which is really nice but which she may be re-painting). Ryzel came to me with a custom face-up by the sculptor (Medusa of BlueBloodDoll).

What would you like to see in the future from companies?
I love that SoulDoll has come out with a 52cm boy and wish more companies would put out a boy doll in that odd-ish size range between MSD and SD. I’d also like to see more mature MSD’s so they look adult as opposed to teens or even younger. A really buffed out doll like a body builder would be awesome, too, although I don’t see that last one happening.

Who are you favorite clothing designers?
I don’t have any as I make all of my dolls clothes. However, HZ does some wonderful outfits I really like and I’m generally saved from that expense because most of my dolls wouldn’t wear that style. I do have one who would wear several outfits but I’m trying to be good with regards to spending.

Do you do a lot with the dolls as in photography, photo stories, or anything of that nature?
I do photostories with my dolls as I see that as a sort of extension of my writing. With the photostories, I can have the characters who would never cross paths novel-wise interact with each other and have a little fun with certain aspects of their personalities. Probably half of all the photostories I do are also not suitable for minors due to the graphic nature of the content, but I also do humour, general life stuff and sometimes angsty ones. I also work in a very cool place and bring my dolls in to work to hang out at my desk. Seeing client’s reactions to the dolls amuses me to pieces.

What has collecting BJDs done for you (like to change your life, enhance your life, new friends, new experiences etc.)
It has made me a little more sociable as I go to the monthly local doll meets when typically I’m rather introverted. I’ve also made some very good friends through dolls and even dragged some friends into dolldom. The dolls have also re-kindled my sewing, which I’d let fall by the wayside for several years and gotten me to experiment with knitting on stupidly small (2mm) needles.

Do you have a favorite doll? What makes it special?
Moswen. Aside from being my first doll, there’s just something about him. If I’m not feeling well/in pain from various health issues, I find holding him soothing and calming and the pain ends up being not so bad. He makes me smile whenever I look at him.

Second half coming up later!

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