Posted by: mendokusai | February 9, 2010

Photo Spotlight: “angel” by Emmaboo

I thought I would try something a little new… I hope you guys don’t mind!! I’d like to do this a little more in the future so please let me know what you think! I thought it would be nice to feature pictures now and then that are really nice and/or interesting, especially people who are not necessarily well-known and get lost in the crowd a bit!

To go along with our other “spotlights”, I’ve thrown in a mini interview. I hope you guys enjoy!

source: “angel” by Emma ma (Emmaboo on DoA)

What was your inspiration for this picture and/or photoshoot, or what were you hoping to accomplish?
I saw a photo Mystical Maz had taken of her sleeping girl in her hand here, which reminded me of an Anne Geddes image I’ve seen of a baby with wings asleep in someoenes hand, but I can’t find that image… something like this. Once I had that image in my head I *had* to take the picture there and then 🙂

Can you briefly describe the set-up you used for this picture? (any lighting, props, standing on your head,
photoshopping, etc.)

Oh dear… well I used my awesome camera Nikon D90 and my huge flash who’s batteries are running out. I didn’t really spend long setting it up. My husband wasn’t that keen so he didn’t even move, I just got him to hold his hand out and placed her in it! (I spent a long time getting her posing as realistically as possible first :)). The background is our sofa. We had the overhead light on as it was nighttime and that and the flash was all that lit it – that and photoshop.

With the photoshop I changed the hue, and did lots of messing to get it to look moody. I’m not v.good at photoshop though so it was all filters and things.

Did you have any “happy accidents”? (things you didn’t intend while shooting, but worked out for the best!)
Yep, the whole thing! It was a mega quick photo, I only took three or four shots as the flash died on me.

If you could change something about this picture, what would it be?
I’d probably change her hand to be one of the more relaxed ones, and I’d have more of her toes showing. Other than that I’m pretty happy.

What did you learn while shooting this that you hope to improve on or implement more next time?
I learnt that you can take nice pics when it’s nighttime so maybe I should give it a go more 🙂

Thank you so much for letting me feature you, Emma!!

If you (yes, you!) know a picture you’d like to see featured, please PM me on DoA (mendokusai)! 😀


  1. Thank you 🙂

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