Posted by: dollpaparazzi | February 4, 2010

Tutorial: Volk’s Face up Painter Mikey’s Face Painting Workshop part II

Continuation from part 1.


Use the same color for the eyeliner. Use the same angle for both eyes. Start at the center of the eye and turn the head to get outside to inside of the same eye. You should use the middle of the brush portion of the brush for the eyeliner.


Draw a thin line and it requires practice. You should start with the center of the lower eyelid and go to the outside. Add more lashes toward the center. Then add lashes from the center to the rest of the lower lid. The older dolls will have crossed eyelashes.


If you are finished with the eyebrows, you should spray them before adding the eye shadow. The spray has UV protection and it will keep the resin fresh. It also helps prevent blotching.

Eye shadow:

When doing the eye shadow think of the light and dark portions. If it is a lighter part then don’t use color or use lighter color. Cut a small piece of the extra fine sandpaper to put the pastel on. Rub the pastel that you want to use on the sandpaper. She picked a light orange color. You use a q-tip and a small piece of the sponge. Use the cotton square for the cheeks. Put the color on the q-tip and use in the inside corner of the eye and the outside corner of the eye. Use the sponge to soften the color. Stroke the sponge from inside to out. Then put the eye shadow color on. She used purple. Put it on the top of the lid up to the under portion of the eyebrow. Blend it in.


You can use shine powder to help get a smooth surface and help blend in the color. She used pink for the cheeks. Put the pink on the sand paper. Use cotton square to apply the blush. Use a circular motion to put on the cheek color. Use a sponge to blend it in. Put on finishing spray and add more color. The spray dries quickly. Be sure to rotate the piece and use spray in well ventilated place. Also be sure to rotate the head.

Thank you Barbara Steiffert for doing this write up for us!

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