Posted by: dollpaparazzi | September 13, 2009

New Doll Manufacturer: HZDolls

These dolls were released back in August 22, but I thought they were pretty nifty. These are made by HZDoll, who is well known for cool doll fashions and are sold over here in the US.


Hui ka

Ao Ze Tian (Tian Tian)

Wang Ye

Xiao Han

Schuster Fei

Body shots

The information on the doll is as followed:


Height – 65CM
Head – 22CM
Neck – 10CM
Chest – 24CM
Hips – 26CM
Waist – 19.5CM
Shoulder width – 13CM
Upper Leg – 13CM
Lower Leg – 12CM
From Hips to Heel – 38CM
Arm Length – 23CM
Torso Length – 16.5CM
Foot Length – 8.3CM
Eye Size – 16MM

Resin colors available are Normal, White, and Tan (Tan is available for full dolls only!).

Basic Doll Includes:

Birth Card
Random Acrylic Eyes
Face Cover
Carrying Bag

FullSet Doll Includes:

Birth Card
Glass Eyes (Random if out of stock)
Wig (Random if out of stock)*
Face Cover
Carrying Bag

*The wigs seen on Wang Ye and Schuster Fei will not be included with the FullSet doll. HZ has decided that the quality is too poor and will not be offering them. Schuster Fei will come with a random wig, Wang Ye’s wig can be seen at Post #15.*

Contact your distributor for pricing.

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