Posted by: dollpaparazzi | September 13, 2009

Blog Update

Mercy here with an update for the main blog. In the past I have just posted interviews and the ocassional random doll release. Sometimes I will come across an article of note or something that I find that is interesting.

I hope going forward to add more variety to the blogg. Doll-Lite has been going for almost a year now and I watch what articles are read more often than others. I thought that most people wouldn’t be interested in the news items since that sort of thing can be found pretty much anywhere. However, people seem to refer to that a lot. So, I am going to try to keep up with posting manufacturer updates. I don’t know how fast I will be with them since I work full time, however, I will do my best to update when I can.

I will also be branching out, looking for people to help with the blog. If you would like to write an article, share a how to, do a special photo story/comic, feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to take a look at your work and feature it here on Doll-Lite.

With the Holiday season slowly approaching, we look forward to some interesting special articles and projects. Keep you eyes peeled! And thanks for reading!


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